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Sleep help for infants, Toddlers & Children 

How Can I Help? 

Wanting sleep for you, your family and your little one is not selfish. Sleep is the foundation of our physical health, mental health, emotional health and happiness. If you are not getting sleep it can make day to day tasks extremely difficult. I am here to help you, your family and your little one get the rest you need to live a more healthy and happy lifestyle. 

"Around 4 months old, our little guy hit a major sleep regression. This resulted in some bad habits by us, as we were both working and desperate for sleep. Fast forward 4 months, and we were all absolutely exhausted from these terrible sleep habits. I reached out to Mary who was so supportive and listened to my goals. I never felt pressured to try any one specific method. She educated me on all of our options and together we chose what was best for our family. We decided on a method and Mary was there every step of the way. She reassured me that everything we were going through was normal and part of the process. By night 3, our son was sleeping happily in his crib and we never looked back. He is the best little sleeper and loves his crib! She has continued to be available through small changes in our life such as vacations, teething, and other factors. I highly recommend using Mary as your sleep consultant. You definitely won’t regret it." -Shannon W. 

what to expect

Discovery Call 
Choose Your Package & Fill Out Your Intake Form
Implement Your Customized Sleep Plan 

My process starts with a free 15 minute discovery call. This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other, for me to learn your goals, and for me to explain my process and review package options.

All packages and pricing can be found on the "Services" page. Once you have chosen the package you would like, I will send you an invoice and service contract. Following completion of those steps, you will receive an intake form to fill out.

We will have a call to review your customized sleep plan and any questions you have. Based on the package you selected you will have various amounts of support along the way. 

Who is Mary?

Hi There! I'm Mary, a certified pediatric sleep consultant and owner of Own the Night Sleep Solutions.  


A little over a year before this picture was taken I was a brand new mom in over my head trying to navigate having a newborn and figuring out how to fulfill my new role of being a mother. I quickly realized the lack of sleep I was experiencing was affecting my relationship with my baby, my husband, my family, and my friends. It was also taking a toll on my mental, physical and spiritual health. I knew I needed to do something different but I did not know what to do.  I found myself overwhelmed by all the different opinions and information on the black hole of Google and social media.  I was sleep-deprived and experiencing severe postpartum anxiety when I finally decided to learn about infant sleep and teach my little guy, Brooks, at around four months old, the skills he needed to sleep independently. 

After teaching Brooks the skills he needed to sleep independently, I decided I wanted to learn more about pediatric sleep to help other families work with their children to acquire the skills to sleep independently.  After months of consideration and prayer, I decided to dive into becoming a certified pediatric sleep consultant.

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